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Homeoffice and stay at home…the horrible new working-day for many.

Now more than ever it is paramount to stay fit, to keep moving and to maintain a good immune system trough exercise and physical activity.

We promote this and we do this too. Up and down the stairs, invest in a couple of weights or a hula hoop or a skipping rope… or any other sort of equipment that will make you sweat and feel great after that.

Unfortunately all our services are now cancelled as we cannot do home visits however, personal training, hypopressives, pilates, stretching, strengthening etc are still operative via Zoom, Facetime, or video conference. 1:2:1 as usual and of course groups too.

It is proven that exercise improves your defences and makes you more resilient to illness. Now it is easier than ever, through virtual training we are keeping our clients in Russia, London, Madrid, Zurich and Middle East fit and healthy. Just check your time zone…that should be the only for you to remember.

Stay fit, follow our videos and posts in social media. We are here to help!