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Part I
I wanted to take some time to share with you some fat facts. As a personal trainer and coach for over 10 years, I have lots of experience getting people fighting fit and into shape. Part of my coaching involves teaching people about how their bodies work and I thought there was no better place to start than with fat. I’ve been thinking a lot about fat and what people do to get rid of it, including cosmetic surgery. As part of it, I had a chat with The Private Clinic of Harley Street about fat. I went in with an open mind and really got to understand why people turn to surgery to enhance their bodies. Fat can take over our bodies and our minds. People are always searching for new and improved ways so I thought I would go back to the start and talk about the building blocks of those wobbly areas – fat cells. 
Fat has a bad name but it’s not as bad as lots of people think. What it’s doing in our bodies can be confusing so I thought I would help make it a bit clearer for you.
Why Do We Have It & What Good Is Fat Doing?
Fat – it’s a common topic in our lives, no one seems to be happy about their bodies and very often people complain about having bellies and stubborn pockets of fat around the waist they just can’t seem to shift.
As a Coach, clients almost beg me to ‘kill them with abdominals’ presumably thinking that their bulging tummies will be eliminated by exercising the midsection. Well, I’m afraid I can guarantee you that it’s not going to work. All those abdominal exercises will have little effect on your tummy. If you really want to reduce your waist your best bet is to look at your food. Please check my previous blog ‘killer abs after 40’.
There is however, something we all have in common as humans: we all store fat around the waist when we gain weight. Now, I can hear you saying, “Well only my thighs and my butt get bigger”. Trust me your waistline does too 
We see and feel just the most obvious body fat and if you keep putting more weight you will see that you are getting bigger all over and particularly in certain areas where your body likes to keep the stored fat – something that’s all down to  your genes. Generally speaking, in women it goes to the hips, thighs and bum and in men around the stomach and the chest. 
Stay tune for the next installment in my blog series about fat…