Personal Training

Personal Training, High Intensity Interval Training-aka HIIT-, Boxing, Boot Camp, Crossfit, tell us what you want and we will deliver it to you.

Skype Training

For the ones with no time and eager to obtain and maintain results. Great invention that provides amazing results. We have been delivering this service for many years now. Try it and you will never look back, being unfit is not in fashion.


Great for control breathing, postural problems back deformities and pre- and post-natal. Our clients are real keen on this modality. It is safe, gives you a great posture and body awareness and makes you look younger too. All thanks to Mr Pilates.

Pre- and Post Natal Training

We have plenty of experience in this field. We are known to bring new mums back to their shape and we are proud of it! Also check our dedicated services for women under


Our seniors love to be and stay fit too. Living a fuller and healthy life is also our priority.

Balancing Training with the right nutrition

With a combination of functional training and the right nutrition, we will take you from poor or average health to super fit and healthy. The right nutrition will guarantee results for maximizing both your performance and fat loss. With the latest biochemistry knowledge applied to your response to food, plus intelligent training to target your metabolism, we will be supporting, teaching and adapting to your needs along the way. As we coach, you through the lifestyle changes necessary for improving your fitness you will learn healthy habits for life.

Our guidance will make you fitter and leaner but you will also sleep better, see improvements in your skin, nail and hair condition and your energy level.

Laura, director and founder of WeLove2BeFit, is a certified Practitioner in Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, trained by Doctor Barry Sears – The Zone Diet – and a qualified nutritionist.

What is the Zone Diet?

Surprisingly, it is not what you think. The Zone Diet is a way of life that helps you lose fat and increases wellness by reducing cellular inflammation. Cellular inflammation is the underlying cause of not only weight gain and the acceleration of chronic disease, but also the reason behind decreasing physical, emotional and mental performance.