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Hypolates Method

Hypolates Method

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What is it and what are the benefits of its practice?

They are a series of postural exercises-Pilates based- that executed in a correct manner and supervised by a professional achieve to tone the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Apneas or anaerobic breathing patterns are also added to stimulate even more however one can exclude them.
The low pressure or hypo-pressive technique stimulates the type1 muscle fibres, the majority type in the abdominal fascia, but unlike the classic crunches that do increase the abdominal pressure, leading to incontinence, a weak pelvic floor and diastasis, it does not increase the pressure inside the abdomen.

Aerobic or anaerobic routines?

In this respect are aerobic work outs really necessary to have a toned body? Surely these activities that make you breathe heavily are great for the metabolism, heart, lungs and diabetes, but can also lead you to a weak pelvic floor, incontinence, diastasis and prolapse.
Anaerobic work-outs help to build the muscles, burn calories and to lose weight. So you can see that one can also achieve a well toned body with anaerobic routines. The mixing of the two is the key.

Hypolates for Therapy and Sport Performance

Hypolates mainly work the postural muscles and breathing technique so that they can be applied in sports and or therapy. Originally they were created and designed for postpartum women, but soon after everyone was benefiting from them as they improve health -therapeutical- and sports performance

Benefits of hypolates

More toned abdominal muscles

Stronger pelvic floor

Waistline reduction

Prevention of hernias 

Improvement of existing hernias

Regularisation of the breath

Less risk of injury when practising high impact, aerobics and sports 

Less chance of constipation

Stimulation of the perineum/more muscle tone

Improvement of sexual functions

The most remarkable thing is that it reduces the waist line if with regular and correct practise. At the end of the day everybody wants a smaller waist.

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September 4, 2019