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How many times you go to the gym and not only you do not seem to reach your goals and leave without any energy?

This is a common story… I see and know personally many individuals that however making the effort of hitting the gym everyday, they seem to be and look always the same?

Why? Well, the simple answer is INTENSITY, they basically are and have been always in a very comfortable level of effort, in other words they could do so much more in so much less time. This is key “do as much as possible in the minimum time”, the rush of exercise.

Does this apply to you? Do you spend an hour to burn 400 or 500 calories? If so you are in the wrong set up -if you are a healthy individual with no health issues- You should be able to go up and down with the intensity- either intervals of ‘fast’ followed by “recovery” periods or, you should aim for the same power varying the level up or down- I am almost about to sweat as I write this lines.

I use to say if you “sweat your T-shirt” it is a good indication of a proper workout and I am not counting the people that sweat just by looking at a machine, but rather, the ones that give their 100% and predispose themselves to really make it count.

Numbers do not lie… if you are able to burn 400cal per hour in the gym and you go 4 times a week that makes 1,600 cal in four hours. Turn it into 400 in 35 mins 5 times a week and you will end that with 2,000cal burnt in just 3hours…trust me your body will start to find ways to burn that stubborn fat. The metabolism will be stimulated like never before.

Try it and see the difference…be breathless, for real!