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I-Christmas Parties
Whether you’re hosting your own party or you’ve a list of invites on your mantelpiece – plan ahead!  For most of us, we only really indulge on the four big days: Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but if you’ve plenty of parties to go to, you’ll need a plan.
First, why not join the party for an hour. Have a drink and then leave (very Anna Wintour!). If you are going to lots of dinners, make sure you think about what you’re eating – it’s likely to be food that’s heavier and more rich than usual, so watch your portions. If you’re the host, buy only the necessary amount of food and make sure you always have fresh fruits and vegetables on the table.
Second, plan your whole day.  If you have an event at night, make sure you have a good breakfast, a healthy and light lunch and, this is the key to success, a snack around 6pm.  This could be a pot of natural yoghurt, a handful of berries or raw almonds and cashew nuts. This will ensure that when you arrive you’re not starving and your first drink doesn’t hit an empty stomach and cause low blood sugar levels.  It’ll also make you less hungry for dinner and less prone to overindulging.
Of course it’s easy to excuse yourself at this time of year.  You don’t want to seem rude BUT there is always an option.  Why not ask the waiter for some water and combine it with your drink (white wine spritzer?) or ask for ice cubes so your drink lasts longer. Order a salad or extra vegetables with your main meal.  Avoid starches and un-necessary carbs in the form of pasta or rice, especially at night. It’s not rude to refuse more – think of it as being a role model instead – a role model that looks amazing and still parties! With that in mind, be inspired – find other sensible eaters and mingle with them, copy the way they eat, their choices in restaurants…it will be super-easy to follow suit.
Be proactive – if you know you’ve got lots of parties coming up, start taking control and monitoring your diet now so you have a good chance of looking and weighing the same in January.
Oh and get plenty of rest in between parties.  You’ll want at least 7-8 hours a night.  Sleep is one of your best allies in the fight against gaining extra weight this season.
Follow all these tips and you will have nothing to fear at the end of the Festivities!
Part II will be posted very soon!