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Meet Laura Marin. Find out below how this former ballerina for the Spanish Royal Ballet turned into a wellness practise owner, personal trainer and Director @welove2befit_official

TF: Why did you start your own business?

LM: Pretty much from the moment I moved to London. I was teaching for clubs and gyms all around London when I started to have enquires to teach privately. Everything started then. When I had a good client base many of them where asking me about good therapists and practitioners, then I decided to acquire a good pool of people, the best in their fields and now I have everything under the same umbrella.

TF: How long have you been working for yourself?

LM: Almost 20 years. I started teaching before leaving Spain and continued when I moved to London in 2004.

TF: Why did you get into fitness?

LM: From ballet. I was a classical ballet dancer. When I stopped it was the natural progression for me. Hypopressives, Pilates, Gyroyonic, Crossfit and of course nutrition. I train hard but I also do deep work with Hypopressives and Pilates. These two are essential for women.

TF: How do you stay motivated?

LM: Olympians, especially gymnastics both men and women. I love watching the videos on YouTube of them doing the parallel bars, the horse and rings. I’m also in awe of all the disable people who are fit and train regularly. I once saw a person in a wheelchair at the gym whilst I was training. He started using the cables with a lot of plates on and doing truly amazing things. I couldn’t stop observing him.

TF: Where do you get your inspiration from?

LM: My mother, who I helped to recover from a full hip replacement. She can do absolutely everything now including going to the floor and back to stand up. I still remember doing the rehabilitation with her via Skype with the iPad. She had to learn where to place her iPad etc. She did so well! The fact that she educated and brought three children up almost at once (I’m a twin and have a 18 month older brother.) I adore my brothers and we are very protective of her. We are who we are thanks to her.

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