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Follow the trend of the power-females

Women have been always a topic when it comes to fitness.

Either too fat or too skinny, that use to be the norm to classify us the but luckily, and finally, we start to see more and more often real women, powerful and confident women that do train as hard as men and yet look and feel very feminine. 

They portray health and happiness but also success in business as a mother or more often than not as both.

We are now in a position in which all the women should come together and show that strength to the world.

Pumping iron and training hard is no longer for men.

I can say from my own experience that all my female clients are successful and the secret behind it is fitness.

They do not do it only because it feels good, it balances your life, they have to, they do want to lose weight or whatever; it is mainly because of the feeling of STRENGTH. This is almost like an emotion, a state of mind and a sense of physical and mental improvement.

This strength gives confidence and self-esteem, the pillar of success, this goes directly to your brain, you know you have it and now you are going to use it.

The way you present yourself to others, the way you walk, the way you stand for life changes and that is undeniable.

Men were very clever, they have been using this since the beginning of times but women are finally using this tool too. We no longer look good to be just a ‘look’, something nice to contemplate; we are educated, intelligent and yes SUCESSFUL.

Look around you, all the ROLE MODEL-women do look after themselves, they work hard, play hard and show strength.

If you think of any female athlete you will realize about this:

Strength and confidence means success.

Serena Williams is a great example, but like her there are many others that are successful in other fields and industries: Banking, law, cosmetics, show business, fashion, etc.

They are respected by their peers and they became mentors to many other successful and strong women to be. It is no longer the look but the pursue of power and success and an ttitude to life.

Train hard, get your strength and achieve success. Be part of it.

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