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Have you ever considered that you would not have a much of a figure without fat?

Basically we all would be a mass of tissue with no structure.

Fat divides and gives structure to the cells in the body and ultimately us as human beings.  Fat helps hold and protect our visceral organs -heart, lungs, liver, etc. It is a defense to the outside world, it keeps us warm and it’s part of the immune system. It also produces hormones and our nerve system uses it to send and receive messages.

Hopefully I made you reconsider.

We all have a bit of fat here and there. We even drive ourselves crazy pinching it and trying to remove it.

Again,  specific fat cannot be removed by itself  unless you undergo a minimally-invasive procedure  at least -like VASER Lipo

It is not that I am advocating cosmetic surgery but it simply responds to the question how to lose specific areas of fat.

I am a Coach, I can get you there but I need your time, dedication, effort and willpower and I cannot do it in one session. Surgery does the wonder and can be a great way to motivate someone.

So it is up to the individual to choose. It is always important to bear in mind that if you do not look after yourself after the treatment you will continue to gain weight, just not in the same areas in the same way. .

Fat removal procedures can be quite powerful and I have seen the effect of doing it. Individuals that never wanted to wear a fitted shirt begin to happily wear them. The level of self confidence goes up and many people that never went to a gym because they could not face their own bodies exposed in public- not to mention during exercise-  now do personal training sessions.  They now want to define their bodies.

For others even after putting in the maximum effort, maintaining a healthy diet and doing exercise they are still unhappy and cosmetic procedures offer a viable and understandable way to top all their hard work to enhance their physique and keep them looking fabulous. I cannot blame them.

This a very personal choice The possibilities are on top of the table.

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