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Welcome to WeLove2BeFit and thank you for visiting the site.

I am a former Ballet Dancer of the Spanish Royal Ballet, Pilates Master, Gyrotonic, CrossFit, Power Lifter, Nutritionist and Coach. Health and Fitness are my passion. Today you have taken the first step into a healthier and stronger body and mind.  

I do not train more often rather more intelligently. 

Quality vs quantity, always!

Yes, we understand very well our jobs and this is why you cannot get it wrong with us.

All our services are carried out at your home, in your office or even in the park if you want to have a proper Boot Camp or PT session. In the era of  ‘I have no time’ we are taking a step forward to tackle that.

Travelling more, working more, not sleeping enough hours are the common factors of today. The counter math of that is that we experience chronic injuries, overweight, no motivation and quite a lot of frustration trying to get out of this vicious circle. However, there is a way out:

We are the solution.

Our knowledge, experience and network can get you out. We often tell our clients what their shopping list has to include or what to eat when going out…crazy? No, not anymore. This is the guidance and rapport we all need to stay on track.

You would be surprised of the amount of things we can do for you.

We offer:

Free Membership

No commuting for you

No wasting time


Best Service

Real Results


No parking fees

No stress

Best trainers

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